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Toilet Repairs & Installs


Toilet Repairs & Installs
When your toilet clogs, continuously runs, leaks or stops working, it becomes a big problem for you. We use our toilets multiple times per day, you need a licensed professional to make the repairs. 

Common toilet repairs include:
1. Clogged toilets
2. Continuously running
3. Weak flushing
4. Unstable toilets
5. Noisy toilets

New Toilets:
J&S Plumbing can supply and install your home or business with new toilets. Call today to receive your FREE ESTIMATE on toilet installs!

If you are experiencing any toilet issues, please call J&S Plumbing to solve your problem. Our professionals are ready and equipped with the parts and experience you need to get your toilets operating again. 

(813) 655-6688

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