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Faucet Repairs & Installs


Faucet Repairs & Installs
There are several common issues that happen to faucets that require them to be either repaired or replaced:

1. Low Water Pressure: If you experience low water pressure from the faucet, this could be due to the internal parts of the faucet needing to be replaced with new.
2. Dripping Faucet: When a faucet begins to drip or leak, this can be caused by gaskets/washers inside the faucet than need to be replaced with new.
3. Rusted Faucet: Faucets will rust over time due to water quality. When this occurs, be aware that this rust is potentially getting into your tap water that you are using to drink and brush your teeth with.
4. Noisy Faucet: If your faucet is making an unpleasant noise, this could mean there are broken parts internally on the faucet. It may be time to replace with a new faucet.
5. Incorrect Installation: We often experience someone has attempted to install their own faucet which results in leaks. Call J&S Plumbing if this happens to you, we can come and install correctly.

Whether you need a faucet repaired or replaced with new, J&S Plumbing is ready to help! Call us TODAY!

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