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Re-Piping & Water Line Repairs


Re-Piping & Water Line Repairs
It is never fun to come home to a flooded home, but it happens! Your plumbing pipes are working 24/7 and sometimes these plumbing lines break and need to be repaired or replaced. When this happens, give J&S Plumbing a call and we will respond as quickly as possible to prevent as much water damage as possible to your property.

Slab Leaks:
In many homes, water lines are installed under the floor. These repairs are referred to as “slab leaks.” In these situations, special equipment will need to be used to locate where the leak is on the property, after the leak has been located, J&S can open up the floor and repair the damaged water piping. 


If you have low water pressure, have had multiple water line leaks, rusty water or old water pipes, it may be time to replace your home with all new water piping. 

You can trust the professionals at J&S Plumbing to install new water piping throughout your home to each of your plumbing fixtures.

Please give J&S Plumbing a call if you have a water line leak or need a property re-piped. Our professionals will work hard to get your water lines repaired quickly and professionally to prevent excessive water damage.

Water Service Repair & Installation:
Water service piping supplies water from the meter to your house.  In older homes galvanized steel piping was commonly used for this purpose.  Unfortunately, galvanized steel pipe rusts over time and begins to leak or constrict the inner bore of the pipe, reducing the volume of water available to the house.  We can quickly and accurately diagnose and locate your water service leaks and make the necessary repair or replacement with minimum down time for you.  In many cases, it makes sense to replace older water line instead on making repairs.

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