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  • Over $4,000 in energy cost over lifetime of unit.
  • Unit pays for itself in 2-years
  • 5 different modes: energy saver, vacation, heat pump, electric only modes
  • 10-year tank warranty
  • 50, 65 and 80 gallon tank capacities

Water heaters are essential to providing hot water to your home. If you find yourself experiencing cold showers or have issues with hot water in other areas of your home, contact the water heater experts at J&S Plumbing today. We can promptly send a technician to your residence to determine the underlying problem and give you an estimate for any repairs that might be needed. If repairing the existing water heater won’t solve the problem, we’re proud to offer a variety of water heaters for installation at affordable costs.Repairing and replacing water heaters is no easy task, but you can rest assured that the water heater professionals at J&S Plumbing will get the job done right.

For information on water heater repairs or replacements in the Tampa Bay area, contact us at (813) 655-6688!

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