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Water Heaters


Water Heaters are essential to any home or business. A cold shower is not a great start to your daily routine. If you are having hot water issues at your plumbing fixtures, give J&S Plumbing a call. We can diagnose and advise you on the best solution to your hot water problems. 

J&S Plumbing offers repairs and installations of water heaters from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including: Rheem, Rinnai, AO Smith, Stiebel Eltron, Noritz.


Different Types of Water Heaters:


Hybrid Water Heaters:
Hybrid water heaters are very cost efficient. Customers can save nearly $4,000 in energy costs over the life span of the hybrid water heater. These units operate off of a heat pump inside the tank. The heat pump draws in cold air from the surrounding environment to create power to heat the upper and lower elements of the water heater. 


Tankless Water Heaters:
Tankless water heaters heat up water only when required and save space compared to a storage tank.


Instant Hot Water Heaters:
These small units are typically installed underneath sinks to provide hot water to one or two plumbing fixtures.

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