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Water Softeners & Filtration


Water Softeners & Filtration
Florida is known for its hard water, this can cause havoc on your drinking water and plumbing appliances. Hard water can leave soap residue in showers, damage your water pipes, water heater, dish washer, coffee maker and other water appliances in your home. 


City Water -  Whole House Filtration Systems & Softeners:
J&S Plumbing’s combination whole house filter and water softener systems are designed for city water to provide soft, filtered water throughout your entire home.

City Water -  Water Softeners and Whole House Filters Removes / Reduces:
1. Harmful Chemicals like Lead and Mercury
2. Chlorine taste & odors
3. Chloramines
4. Heavy Metals
5. Water Hardness
6. Trihalomethanes (linked to cancer)
7. Plumbing fixture repair costs!

Well Water Whole House Filtration Systems & Softeners:
J&S Plumbing can also install a system for homes and businesses on well water systems.

Well Water Softeners and Whole House Filters Removes / Reduces:
1. Iron & Sulfur Smell / Taste
2. Soap Residue
3. Harmful Chemicals
4. Iron Stains
5. Plumbing fixture repair costs!

Drinking Water Systems
Consumer Reports Magazine revealed that Americans spent nearly thirty-one billion dollars on bottled water last year. Bottled water is the top selling beverage, outselling all soft drink brands combined!

J&S Plumbing can install an under the sink water drinking filtration system in your home or business. This will provide you and your family with clean drinking water and prevent you from spending on bottled water!


The Drinking Water Systems Remove:
1. Chlorine
2. Sediment
3. Harmful chemicals
4. Microorganisms
5. Bad taste

Call J&S Plumbing, Inc. TODAY to find out more about our water softener & filtration systems!

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